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Raise your online profile by increasing your virtual footprint…

The growth in social media marketing has been rapid. Not only can social media earn you brownie points with some Search Engines, but this relationship marketing vehicle goes a long way to increasing your online footprint. Social media can allow you to connect directly with your target market and get instant feedback on your offering whilst enabling continual fine-tuning of the marketing effort. It often provides a more personal side to an organisation and allows that organisation to communicate with customers within and outside of traditional working hours. Social media should be seen as your “virtual word of mouth”, it helps to build up trust and can offer affiliation and referral advantages. Whilst often initially considered an inexpensive mode of communication by clients, its time consuming nature is regularly underestimated making it an ideal aspect of the marketing mix to out-source.


Often considered a micro-blogging platform, Twitter allows public instant messaging allowing you to post Tweets as often as you want. A constant communication stream, Twitter encourages users to follow your organisation giving you great insight into your target market. An effective brand building tool, Twitter also helps to drive repeat business and encourage word of mouth.


Aimed specifically at business users, Linkedin offers an international online influential business network. Used regularly for knowledge sharing where questions can be posed to multiple connections and groups. Searches within your field will uncover thousands of experts and potential clients. It’s also a great tool for recruiting and exposing your blog or website.


Firstly, it has a huge audience and secondly it’s considered to be the world’s second largest search engine. With millions of searches conducted daily your brand will most definitely benefit from exposure. Such reach will inevitably increase traffic to your site and encourage inbound links helping your site to improve its search engine rankings. Traditionally people think that you need to spend a fortune on corporate video and then upload it to YouTube. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should generate you more sales, increase your conversion rate and reduce the cost of your demonstrations. Not only can CMSi help you with a with video editing, but we can also take your existing powerpoint presentations, add a voiceover and convert them to video – a simple and cost effective exercise. Once these have been uploaded to your very own YouTube page, your brand exposure will dramatically increase.

Other Sites

There are hundreds of other social media sites out there and to target them all is pretty much a full time job in its own right. However, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are also relevant to business depending on your specific objectives and strategies.




We can undertake your entire social media marketing activity on your behalf, allowing your resources to be free to concentrate on your core activities. We will:

Set up and optimise your social media pages ensuring that your brand is accurately represented

Custom design badges, widgets and plugins to facilitate interaction with your target audience

Regularly update your profiles with relevant content and news

Regularly report on your campaign

If you would like help giving your brand a voice, then please contact us to find out how we can help you with your social networking strategy. Our strategies will establish a community around your brand helping you to develop relationships between you and your customers effectively.