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Making information engaging…

Without a doubt, historically, PowerPoint has been the industry standard for corporate presentations and is perfect if you need to present a linear topic that progresses towards a climax. PowerPoint satisfies all the usual expectations of being user friendly, allowing for animation and transitions, coping well with hyperlinks, charts and data and outputing neatly to print handout format. However, its linear format can be frustrating when delivering the presentation if the audience engage and ask questions. It isn’t particularly portable either often creating large files too big even to email.


Prezi, on the other hand, is a flash based format and utilizes the idea of presenting from one big canvas. Like its counterpart, Prezi deals well with images, text, audio and animation. It’s weakness, however, is that often the user needs to create graphs and charts outside of Prezi and import them in. Prezi’s zoom function allows the presenter to zoom for emphasis or explore ideas naturally as the points are raised which allows for a more flexible and smooth presentation. However, the zoom function can also create dizziness from an over zealous presenter! Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi has the advantage that it can easily be shared online. The format of choice is very much dependent on the content of the message presented. Either way, we are here and ready to redesign or create your perfect PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.