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Helping your site to be found in the right place, at the right time…

It’s all well and good having a really information, interactive, robust website that absolutely delivers your marketing message and supports your corporate brand, but how do you get people to find it? There’s no point being all dressed up with nowhere to go… We can help to promote your website through PPC (Pay Per Click) and/or organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Online advertising is also a consideration here, and we can help with banner and display ad campaigns from initial design through to management and delivery of an intensive online advertising schedule.



Before elaborating, and for your peace of mind, it’s important to state that all work we undertake in this arena is strictly “white hat” which means that we operate according to Google’s guidelines. Whilst we don’t offer any guarantees (be wary of any SEO service that does) we are good at what we do and the results speak for themselves.


PPC (Pay Per Click), sometimes known as paid search, is an effective and fast way of increasing traffic to a website. By paying to be listed on a search engine, a company’s listing appears alongside the natural or organic listings but is positioned either at the top of the page or down the right hand side. The process behind this is auction based where an organisation places a bid (based on what they are prepared to pay) for a click on the ad relating to their targeted and specific search term. PPC does not enhance your website in any way or help it to be organically promoted up the site rankings but provides a highly visible front door to your site.  Once the monthly PPC budget has been spent, the organisation then relies on the website’s natural listing as the ads are no longer displayed until the budget becomes available again the following month.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), by contrast, is concerned with optimising the website itself by concentrating on content and relevance to the user. Google is still considered to have the greatest influence here and the criteria by which Google ranks a site is subject to constant flux and change. In fact, it’s a little like a game of cat and mouse! More recently Google has placed more emphasis on ranking sites that are mobile friendly which has had a significant impact on the results listed. Other ranking criteria include:

– speed of the site

– position of keywords within the content

– video integration

– quality inbound links

– internal links

social media


Both SEO & PPC are becoming increasingly complex and time consuming for an organization to take on in-house.   Out-sourcing to CMSi will ensure that you maximize your return on investment by leveraging our considerable experience within this area. Knowing when to use PPC as opposed to SEO and vice versa is key – we understand the benefits and drawbacks of both strategies and will advise accordingly. We also work closely with specialist Google Partners operating on an international scale to ensure that the cat is always on the tail of the mouse! With strategies to fit any budget, we will tailor make a solution to fit your exact requirements.