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Encouraging interactivity whilst streamlining branding and protecting content…

Everyone uses pdf’s – it is one of the most commonplace file formats used whether it be a brochure, contract, promotion or price list organisations send them daily as email attachments or they are downloaded from websites. PDF’s have historically allowed strong brand control as the format preserves all of its visual elements. In so doing it effectively locks the recipients ability to edit or amend it allowing a certain degree of content security. PDF’s can also have password protection and if the data contained within it is particularly critical then a PDF can be digitally signed.


Additionally, files contained within the PDF document are compressed making document sharing a simple process particularly when the software required to read the document is free issue and often pre-loaded on devices.


Buy why have a static PDF document marketing your message when you can have a fully interactive PDF? We can take your static file and convert it to a fully interactive user experience. Alternatively, we can create such a file from scratch for you. Our interactive PDF’s can be created using any or all of the following features:




Interactive 3D objects